Equine 808 Horse Rescue

Saving and helping horses in Hawaii and Colorado!

Equine 808 is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization providing a sanctuary for abused, neglected and unwanted horses and dedicated to educating horse owners and potential horse owners about horse care and management.

It is our mission and duty to help every horse that comes into our program. Whether it be physical limitations from neglect to behavioral problems from abuse. We are committed to rehabilitate or re-train all horses and then find them approved, qualified homes through our intense adoption program. It is our goal to offer resources to our community and help horse owners and horse lovers with proper horse care and management through our educational programs.


Hawaii: Kunia Loa Ridge Farms       P.O. Box 2817 Ewa Beach, HI 96706                             (808) 590-1210         Email: Hawaii_Horses@equine808.com

Colorado: Amazing Grace Ranch    2202 North Ellicott Highway, Calhan, CO. 80808            (719) 213-9144         Email: Colorado_Horses@equine808.com


Current Statistics:


                                    Colorado  / Hawaii

·Equines Rescued                               27


· Up for Adoption                               1

· Equines Adopted                             21

.  Pending Adoption                          4

.  Equines in Rehab                            1

Owning a horse is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Neglecting to meet a horse’s basic needs—including food, water, shelter and medical care—is a crime recognized by an ever-growing number of jurisdictions across the nation. If you know of a horse  whose health is being compromised by neglect, please report it.


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Equine 808 Horse Rescue has no legal authority to investigate or intervene in animal abuse cases. Please contact the animal control authority in your area if you suspect neglect or abuse.